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Pixel Dawg Media has several advantages than any other Creative Indoor Advertising ads reach a target market which have disposable income and have a socially active lifestyle.

Your target audience is becoming more difficult to reach everyday. In this era of TIVO, Satellite Radio and iPods, wouldn’t it be nice to have your ads placed in a location that guarantees undivided focus on your message. We provide an uncluttered way to get your message read and recalled. Our audience is social, and by their very nature tends to be viewed as influential in their peer group.

Your message is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore. Unlike conventional forms of  advertising, viewers can’t change the channel or turn the page. And because your message is presented
in a personal setting, it is received on a much more personal level…creating higher viewer recall, familiarity, and trust.

We are a “wrap around” Agency which means we can meet all of your needs here, instead of dealing with multiple companies. Which means less headache for your, more cohesion for your services.