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IAM (Indoor Advertising Monitors) are our award winning patient pendent units that really are the corner stone to who we are here at Devyn Media and where the marketing industry is currently headed. Most current forms of advertisement markets have been saturated in all mediums, weather its radio, commercial, print or billboard.  Because of prolonged expose to these forms of media and the amount f advertisement offered this way most consumers retention is very low with any of these forms.

There is AWESOME news though! Pixel Dawg Media’s approach to advertising with our IAM units is the next generation of advertising in the consumer market. Several companies have tried for years with limited success with static indoor advertisements, such as posters, marquee, and signs, though they have had some impact, many times the cost has out weighed the befits of this type of advertisement.

IAM advertisement is the next best thing in the word of advertising and Pixel Dawg is happy to be at the forefront of it. We use patented technologies exclusive to Pixel Dawg to deliver  a new advertising experience, incorporating static media as well as Flash media advertisements, to captivate and stimulate the buying market. Making consumers exposure innovative, interactive and more importantly…..FRESH.

With IAM’s cutting edge way for advertisers to reach their target market 99% of the time!  There is no other form of media out there that can deliver that type of guarantee! Located strategically in a wide range of venues such as bars, restaurants, airports, convention centers, retail locations, and other establishments. Viewers benefit from scalable marketing/ advertising campaigns and / or distribution of organizational specific media.

Want to reach your consumer? This is the ONLY way you should be advertising!