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Pixel Dawg Media offers advertising solutions for any business. We provide a range of services for our clients, all driven by a desire to create great marketing experiences that – quite simply – work. We use digital media in innovative ways to help our clients achieve real, measurable marketing success.

Up Close and Personal:

Your message is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore. Unlike conventional forms of advertising, viewers can’t change the channel or turn the page. And because your message is presented in a personal setting, it is received on a much more personal level…creating higher viewer recall, familiarity, and trust.

Captive Audience:

You have 1 to 5 minutes of your prospective client’s time, with absolutely no distractions whatsoever to create top of mind awareness!

High Viewer Recall:

When people view Indoor Billboards by Pixel Dawg Media, they have no distractions or interruptions. As a result, your message stays with them for a much longer period of time.

A Fraction of the cost of conventional advertising:

Low cost advertising that won’t break your budget. Compare your options, and save a bundle with Indoor Advertising.

Target your market:

With Indoor Advertising, you can narrow your focus to a specific gender, income, lifestyle, and age. As a result, you spend less of your advertising dollar and still reach a higher percentage of your desired target market.

Reach Consumers That Don’t Normally Read Conventional Advertising:

The people that regularly visit restaurants, sports arenas, night clubs, theaters, and health clubs are often hard to reach with conventional advertising. However through Indoor Advertising you have their undivided attention.

Less Clutter and Competition:

With Indoor advertising, you experience less clutter and competition for the attention of the viewer. Compare that with the clutter or lack of attention to your ad that you see with other forms of advertising.

High Quality, Full Color Advertisement:

We take pride in our work…assuring that your ad will be presented professionally and tastefully.



Planning Services
•Primary customer research
•Competitive and market research
•Persona development
•Digital marketing strategy

Development Services
•Social media campaign development
•Emerging media development
•Ad Creation if you need help with
design for static media.
•Ad Creation of Flash Multimedia designs.